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In order to create a supportive and safe environment where all artists can thrive, we collectively uphold the following values.

In order to create a supportive environment where all artists can thrive, we collectively uphold the following values.


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Artists: Merritt Barnwell, Hannah Boettcher, Kate Cohen, Vidya Cowsik Santosh, Amelia Modlin, Nathan Ratcliffe, Annie Sarachan

Connected through a shared mentor this past winter, this group of artists spent an intensive week together on Zoom exploring collage, photomontage, and other techniques that could be done with found materials at a small kitchen table during stay-at-home precautions.  This collectively-curated exhibition is an interactive exploration into our constructions of reality. 


What will you find in the garden?

How Are We Different?

On any given FireFly weekend, you might stumble upon an art show/workshop, a horticultural demonstration, guided nature walks, flying trapeze artists catching as the sun sets, live folk music at the cafe, fire-spinning performances, impromptu DJ dance parties under starlight,

or an epic bonfire.

Our family-friendly list of experiences are ever-changing, accessible, and affordable.

Please help us share this with others by respecting the land we call home in a "Leave No Trace" manner, and consider donating your time to our Carbon Negative/Community Positive ethos.


For more info on volunteering or work-trade opportunities click here.


The Garden Gallery serves as a platform to lift up our community. 

Interested in displaying your art, hosting a workshop or performing at Wild Arts?


As a collectively run space, we are grateful for all kinds of support.

How would you like to be involved?

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